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Upper Level

Upper Level

Tier 1
800 Supply
.25 ETH
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Club Level

Club Level

Tier 2
300 Supply
2.5 ETH
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Court Side

Court Side

Tier 3
25 Supply
25 ETH
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1,358 unique  NFT artworks

Check out some of the artwork below & mint your piece of history today!

Court side -  25 supply

upper level -  800 supply

club level -  300 supply

we've brought togetherworld class artists.

Our NFT court has been carefully curated with artwork from artists all over the world. Mint your piece of history and support the artists involved.



Peace Node


Kelsey Amy


Steven Paris


Danii Pollehn


Antonio Rodriguez






Hadj Dieng


Helen Eve Ratner


Blake Jamieson


The Black Kristof




Misha Libertee


Khalid LeShawn


Tomes / Good Metacn


April Walker


Ken Forbes




Adam Jason Cohen




Applied Arts

The following artists designed a section of our basketball court to be fractionalized into physical square tiles and minted as NFTs


Membership to Krause House
Access to gated Discord community
IRL + URL access to Krause House events
BIG3 "Ball Hogs" ownership participation
Krause House & Ball Hogs merch discounts
Allowlist for our future Krause House & partner NFT drops
Queued for future NBA ownership positions through Krause House*


Coming in June 2022
"KH NFT Court"

Krause Court Holders

Receive a piece of the World's 1st Physical NFT Basketball Court

Courtside - 3'x3' section
Club-Level - 2'x2' section
Upper-Level - 1'x1' section

genesis Holders: sold out

Receive $KRAUSE directly proportional to contribution & NFT tier, which will allow holders to participate in governance of the DAO.

genesis collection

Minted & sold out November 21st 2021
Total Raised: 1000 ETH

Upper Level

Upper Level

Sold Out
1500 Supply
Club Level

Club Level

Sold Out
500 Supply
Court Side

Court Side

Sold Out
50 Supply
*Each ownership position will need to adhere to a set of rules agreeable by both the league & at the nation state level, but KH Members will be the ones with the opportunity to be in these ownership groups.

To be clear, we’re selling NFTs for access to our community. This ticket NFT is not promise for future ownership of a team. When we put forth a bid, there will be an explicit fundraise of new capital for that bid. This could include KYC and other forms of compliance to accommodate any legal requirements.